Welcome to Mt. Angel, Oregon. This little town, founded in the late 1800s by German settlers, has an Old World flavor which is heightened by the many Bavarian style storefronts and the beautiful Benedictine Abbey and Monastery. Mt. Angel celebrates its German heritage each year during the Oktoberfest, one of Oregon's largest festivals. More than 300,000 people attend the four-day event, which has been held in Mt. Angel for more than 50 years.

2020 Oktoberfest Merchandise

Hat pins, blinky buttons, and 2020 shot glasses are available for purchase. See Kristi at Columbia Bank or stop in at Angel Mountain Christmas Thursday - Sunday.


Gus the Gobbler is back!

Gus the Gobbler here, the Post is having a raffle with $1,000.00 cash prize.


The tickets are $20.00 each with a total of 200 tickets. One winner to be drawn November 11, Veterans Day.


These are the six merchants in town, all willing to sell you a ticket.

Get yourself one or more tickets before they are all sold.

While you cash a check at Columbia Bank, buy yourself a ticket.

Go across the street to Der Garten for a pretzel and buy a ticket.

Fill your tank with gas at Union 76 and buy a ticket.

Stop at Bochslers for yard fertilizer and buy a ticket.

Now have Jamie cut your hair and buy a ticket.

A cold one from Tiny’s will top off your day and yes they will sell you a ticket. Make sure you wear a mask.


With additional stress lately, I have been dropping tail feathers! Ya, at my age?? This could be  a real problem if, we didn’t have Bochslers in town. I would bet they carry feather glue.


They carry things you need, things you want and some items you wish you didn’t need. The only thing missing is a dirt floor. They know their stuff and if they don’t have it they know where to get it. Many times they have saved my bacon, or should I say tail feathers?


Take a look around Bochsler’s for that item you may need some day. I am going down to get that feather glue and purchase an American Legion raffle ticket while I am there.




COVID-19 Resources

All guidelines can be found here: See attached supplemental materials for businesses to use. More Marion County information and additional materials can be found here: Please share this information with any applicable businesses.

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Covid-19 Business Resources from the  Salem Chamber of Commerce

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CARES Act Small Business Administration Summary

2020 The Small Business Owners Guide to the CARES Act


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