Mt. Angel American Legion Post 89

Mt. Angel Post #89 was chartered August, 1934, with 26 members. A Salem architect designed the building in 1935. It was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) about 1936, and formally dedicated about 1938.

Construction of the building was about to begin, or had started, when it was said that Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects can only be on government entity properties.

The property was owned by the Mount Angel Abbey. The Abbey sold the footprint of the building plus five feet to Marion County for $10. Thereafter building was owned by the Post, the property by Marion County.

Some of the services the Legion provides to the community include: the placing of the American flag throughout town during holidays and at each veteran’s gravesite on Memorial Day; providing a color guard for veterans’ memorial services, parades and celebrations and the sponsorship of scholarships.

Read more here - Legion Presented with Special Service Award


We collect unserviceable flags, year around, for appropriate disposition on Flag Day. Call 503-845-2400 or 503-845-6119 for pickup.




6:30 PM on the first Tuesday of every month,

(no meetings in July & August)


All veterans welcome.


Meet at the Legion Hall

740 E College St

PO Box 1118

Mt. Angel, OR 97362


Contact and Membership information:

Jim Kosel, 503-845-6119

Flag Dates & Special Events

Martin Luther King Birthday

3rd Monday in January

Presidents’ Day

3rd Monday in February

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 29

Armed Forces Day

3rd Saturday in May

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

Flag Day

June 14

Independence Day                                          July 4


Second Weekend after Labor Day


Veterans Day                                                  November 11

Memorial Day Service Cemetary.jpg

Gus the Gobbler









Gus the Gobbler here.


The Mt Angel American Legion Post 89 has announced for the safety and health of the community the 2020 Turkey

Shoot has been cancelled.


This would be the 80th year for the annual fund raiser. I have

been crying so long I could make turkey soup with my tears.

A few onions, carrots and celery could add needed flavor.


But to liven things up in Mt Angel, the Post is having a raffle

with $1000.00 cash prize.


The tickets are $20.00 each with a total of 200 tickets. One

winner to be drawn November 11, Veterans Day.

The American Legion raffle tickets are going fast!

Der Garten

Der Garten (185 E Charles St) is a new restaurant in

Mt Angel selling some of the tickets..


They have an authentic Bavarian recipe for a pretzel.

It’s as big as a dinner plate, served warm with stone ground

mustard and melted cheese. So soft I can easily get my

beak into it.


Michelle and Jeff offer specials. Some of the hamburgers are so large it would take me a full day to eat one. Check out Der Garten Facebook page for specials.


If you happen to run into the building SPIRIT, don’t share your

pretzel with her, make her get her own!!


What can I say about Tiny’s. I don’t know anything about

the history of the bar or of the building. But I do know about the FLAVOR. FUN! FUN! FUN!


Patrons order a drink and mingle, spending time at different tables. You may go in with your TURKEY friend and never see your turkey friend again, until you’re ready to go home


Get an order of great fries and outstanding wings to share with others. Tiny’s is the hub of town information. Birthday parties and many celebrations are held at Tiny’s.


Stop by for a cold one, a little gossip, and buy a ticket for the American Legion Post 89, 2020 raffle. Win yourself a $1000.00 cash prize. And by the way don’t forget to take your turkey friend home.


Are you suffering from eyebrows long enough to use as a comb over? From the back do you look like a women with short hair? Is your hearing loss major from all the hair in your ears? Does your nostrils look like a jungle brush? Do you have black, gray and white hair over the tops of your ears?

 If so you need Jamie, Jamie’s Barber shop. The master of unruly hair from any part of your head! The man is a pro at making men look great again. So take your overgrown head into Jamie’s Barber shop, buy a raffle ticket and leave as a new



A few days ago I saw an old timer from Mt Angel. He asked

“where are the raffle tickets being sold”? When told at the

Union 76, he responded “there isn’t a Union 76 in town”

I answered “yes, on Main St”. Quick as a wink he said

“Oh ya, Greg’s. Not union 76”!


You drive into Greg’s, fill your tank and leave with gas, and a

clean windshield, plus a smile. Don’t forget your raffle ticket.


So for us locals……… it’s Greg’s.

Columbia Bank

Entering Columbia Bank (160 Charles St.) is like going home! All the smiling tellers greet you and ask about your day. They are happy to help you.


When cashing a check, add an additional $20.00 to buy a raffle ticket for the American Legion raffle for a chance to win $1000.00 cash.


Now that could beef up your bank balance!


Snatch up your ticket, grab a cookie and wish all the tellers a great day.

masked gus.jpg